The Heart and Mind Summit, 2022

May 1st - 1:00-5:00 pm

After two years of closed doors and hidden faces, discover the healing power of our friends! Science and spirituality agree that creating connections between us creates life within us. Join us for this experiential conference that is guaranteed to breathe new life into your relationships!

Keynote Presenters

Shasta Nelson, a friendship expert, is a leading voice on loneliness and creating healthy relationships. Whether she’s speaking at conferences or on TEDx stages, giving media interviews to outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, or appearing as a guest on The Harvard Business Review podcast or The Steve Harvey Show, she is constantly teaching all of us how to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships in our lives. Her research and wisdom can also be found in her 3 books: Friendships Don’t Just Happen! teaches us how to make new friends as adults, Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness teaches us how to make our relationships more meaningful and healthy, and her newest book The Business of Friendship: Making the Most of the Relationships Where We Spend Most of Our Time teaches us why we need to foster better relationships in our jobs.

Dr. Greg Nelson is a professional speaker, coach, and author of The Strategic Stop: Taking Back Your Life in a World Obsessed with Busyness – a guide to creating purposeful pauses for reflection and connection in our “always-on” society. He is recognized as an expert on motivation and resilience with an earned doctorate in personal and organizational effectiveness. He works with leaders and teams in high-profile companies and nonprofits such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fitbit, Amazon, Walmart, Lyft, American Express, Golden Gate University, George Mason University, Sutter Health, Advent Health, and Kaiser Permanente. And when he isn't speaking and coaching (his deep passion), he wants to be cycling or sailing with his wife (his first passion).

Our Venue

1717 North Mountain Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

North Hills Church has been in existence for 50 years and is excited to be the annual sponsor of the Heart and Mind Summit! Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, friendly faces, and a community that wants to help!

Our Team

The Heart and Mind Summit Team is composed of mental health professionals with varying specializations, all living currently in Southern California. It is a team of people who believe that faith and spirituality can make a positive difference for mental health.

Our History

Started in 2019, The Heart and Mind Summit was imagined for the purpose of bringing mental health awareness and resources to people in our communities through a series of conferences. Since the pandemic in 2020, that mission has become even more important to all of our mental health.

Our Mission

The Heart and Mind Summit seeks to open ourselves to the perspectives of faith and spirituality that go beyond science, yet which have been demonstrated by science to bring better relationships, a sense of purpose, greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges, and even more durable physical health.