Breakout Sessions

Facebook Friends vs. Friends: Helping Your Teens Navigate Social Media

With Sharon Tanghal in the Preschool Room

This workshop will be specifically targeted for parents and will delve into benefits and risks of social media that they need to be aware of; things that they can do to help their children navigate social media. I will also share some online and book resources.

Breaking Through Shyness

With Dennis Wallstrom in the Middle School Room

'I'm shy.' When was that label first put on you? Or did you put it on yourself? Explore how to live beyond a label, and live into fresh, less self -conscious connections with others."

Friendship in Times of Crisis

With Nella Valencia-Ngo in the High School Room

The difficult times in our lives are the times a friend can make the biggest difference! It also can be a time when our friends begin to disappear as they don't know how to interact with us in the challenges we are facing. How can we be a friend, and maintain good friends through crisis?

How Science and Spirituality Are Evident in Friendship

With Angela Yi in the Elementary Room

Take a look at the patterns of our brains and the responses of our bodies when we are in various kinds of friendships! Each one reflects realities that science and spirituality can attest to as we discover the incredible power of having a friend in our lives!

My Personal Friendship Assessment

With Shasta Nelson in the Auditorium

When most of us feel lonely, it’s not because we don’t have any friends, or even enough friends; rather, it’s usually because we’re missing a specific type of connection in our lives. In this interactive breakout-out you’ll be guided in a personal assessment of your relationship as we look at the 5 different circles of friends in an effort to help you identify what type of friends you’re personally craving right now.

The 5 Obstacles to Men's Friendships

With Greg Nelson in the Fireside Room

Do men have a harder time than women making good friendships? Or does gender not play a role in what it takes to make deep friendships? Does our culture impact our feeling of permission for what’s possible and not possible? We’re going to look closely at the primary challenges men often face in deepening friendships to a more meaningful level and the deep hunger men still feel about what they want more of in life.