Breakout Sessions

Anxiety 101

With Sharon Tanghal in the Preschool Room

Everybody worries from time to time, especially as a parent.  How do I know if my worries are normal or if maybe it's time to seek help?  How does anxiety present itself in adults vs. children and what signs or symptoms should I be looking for as a parent?  This break out session will delve into a better understanding of what anxiety is and what are its symptoms.  We will talk about common anxiety diagnoses in children and what we can do about it as parents.  We will talk about practical interventions and tools that you can incorporate in your parenting to support healthier coping skills with your children.   

The Narrow Road to Serenity

With Dennis Wallstrom in the Auditorium

Whether the Jewish “shalom,” or the Islamic “salam,” or the Christian “Peace be with you,” or even the Buddhist “shamatha,” the great spiritual traditions light a path away from anxiety and fear, and toward a destination of inner rest.  Even if you’re not at all religious, you may be interested in a taste of sweet peace.  And you may be surprised to discover that it isn’t that far away from you, even in the middle of your worried, stress-filled, fear-driven life.   Dennis Wallstrom shares a spiritual core to life that can dissolve anxiety

It's all in your Head: The Neurobiology of stress and anxiety

With Angela Yi in the Elementary Room

What happens in our brains when we are faced with stressful experiences? Angela Yi will discuss the physiological effects of stress and anxiety, how it affects our behavior, and offer practical strategies to improve your ability to regulate your central nervous system.

Self-Regulation:  An Essential Strategy in the Management of Fear and Anxiety

With Nella Valencia-Ngo in the Fireside Room

Most symptoms of anxiety are not the result of a stressful environment or situation. Instead, anxiety results from how people perceive their circumstances. Being able to identify and address triggers (perceived threats) while managing internal emotional arousal can lead to healing and peace. In this workshop you will learn to identify triggers, manage emotional arousal, release tension, and ultimately find peace.


With Melissa Kulasekere in the Middle-School Room

Did you know that untreated stress and anxiety negatively impacts your health, both mental and physical? Melissa Kulasekere will explore the mind/body connection, the effects of stress on your overall wellness, and walk you through several relaxation techniques that can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you relax and de-stress.