The Heart and Mind Summit, 2023

May 7th -  1:00-5:00 pm

Have you seen the flashing red light in your rear view mirror, putting you on edge to get your driving—and your life?  Sadly, many of us live with a flashing red light continuously. “Careful—don’t blow it!  You can’t afford to make a mistake!”  “Never take it easy, or someone will get ahead of you!”  “Oh, no!  What’s that tight feeling in your chest?”  Ironically, living in emergency mode can make you sicker, not safer. “Life on Red Alert” is an experiential workshop that takes us into the fears and anxieties that take control of our lives, and shows us the proven pathway of thinking, feeling, relating, and simply being that can return us to peace and serenity. 

Keynote Presenter

Dennis Wallstrom, Ph.D.

Dr. Dennis Wallstrom seeks the “big picture” when collaborating on life problems. He has extensive training and experience in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and spirituality and ministry, and applies a range of specific interventions proven to create relief and positive change for particular issues. A graduate of the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, he naturally draws together helpful resources from his background in science, relational exploration, and faith and spirituality, in his clinical work. “Our personal pain may have much to teach us,” he says, “But we are more attentive learners when we find relief for our bodies, clarity for our minds, joy in our relationships, and peace for our spirits.” He strives to find the most direct route to relief from pain, and to the wisdom we may gain in the process.

Our Venue

1717 North Mountain Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

North Hills Church has been in existence for 50 years and is excited to be the annual sponsor of the Heart and Mind Summit! Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, friendly faces, and a community that wants to help!

Our Team

The Heart and Mind Summit Team is composed of mental health professionals with varying specializations, all living currently in Southern California. It is a team of people who believe that faith and spirituality can make a positive difference for mental health.

Our History

Started in 2019, The Heart and Mind Summit was imagined for the purpose of bringing mental health awareness and resources to people in our communities through a series of conferences. Since the pandemic in 2020, that mission has become even more important to all of our mental health.

Our Mission

The Heart and Mind Summit seeks to open ourselves to the perspectives of faith and spirituality that go beyond science, yet which have been demonstrated by science to bring better relationships, a sense of purpose, greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges, and even more durable physical health.