The Heart and Mind Summit, 2024

May 5th -  1:00-5:00 pm

Restoration Therapy combines the advantages of Attachment Theory, Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness in an efficient and organized fashion that allows both the therapist and client to clearly understand old destructive patterns of behavior and promote change.

One of the main advantages of RT is its approach provides the therapist with a clear understanding how violations of love and trustworthiness develop into problems of identity and safety. This keeps the therapist organized and focused on patterns difficult for clients to change. As the therapist makes these identity and safety patterns known, clients can be helped by making more thoughtful and informed choices about personal beliefs about self and relationships resulting in long lasting behavior change.

Keynote Presenter

Jordan Kassel, MS, LMFT

Jordan Kassel is a licensed clinician, supervisor, and educator specializing in restoration therapy, group therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, as well as a number of therapeutic initiatives focused on the integration of faith and psychology. Additionally, Jordan is a consultant for schools and churches in creating groups and therapeutically sound resources.

As an instructor at Fuller, Jordan oversees the MFT program’s Clinical Foundations labs, leads Integration Formation and Clinical Consultation groups, and is the professor for Group Therapy and Clinical Foundations.

Jordan's core passion in the field is to build and equip rising clinicians with the skills and knowledge necessary to be agents of healing.

Our Venue

1717 North Mountain Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

North Hills Church has been in existence for 50 years and is excited to be the annual sponsor of the Heart and Mind Summit! Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, friendly faces, and a community that wants to help!

Our Team

The Heart and Mind Summit Team is composed of mental health professionals with varying specializations, all living currently in Southern California. It is a team of people who believe that faith and spirituality can make a positive difference for mental health.

Our History

Started in 2019, The Heart and Mind Summit was imagined for the purpose of bringing mental health awareness and resources to people in our communities through a series of conferences. Since the pandemic in 2020, that mission has become even more important to all of our mental health.

Our Mission

The Heart and Mind Summit seeks to open ourselves to the perspectives of faith and spirituality that go beyond science, yet which have been demonstrated by science to bring better relationships, a sense of purpose, greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges, and even more durable physical health.